Jeremy Linsanity Parody

Posted during the height of the Jeremy Linsanity craze, it’s a pic of Lin pleased by Knicks cheerleaders and praised by players. We were quite surprised and pleased by the wide attention this pic received through circulation around the web. It appeared on several popular news sites and blogs.

We hope to do similar parodies of other celebs or public figures currently hot in the news and media.

Note: Some have noticed one of the cheerleaders bearing a striking resemblance to actress and (former LA Laker) Rick Fox girlfriend Eliza Dushku. Jaguar tends to use reference photos for some of his characters, so although there’s no intentional correlation to be made between Miss Dushku and Lin, she was likely used as a drawing reference.

Update: Unfortunately it appears Lin will be heading to the Rockets next season, so this pic will soon appear out-of-date.